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LED Mosquito Lights

Description: 1.5W LED Mosquito Killer Lamp
Number of LEDs: 1pcs
Color of LEDs: Blue + White
Type of LEDs: 2835
Wattage (W): 1.5W
Voltage (V): 110V/240V (AC)
Frequency (Hz): 60Hz

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Description: 3W Indoor Insect Killer Lamp
Number of LEDs: 32
Color of LEDs: Blue
Type of LEDs: SMD2835
Wattage (W): 3W
Voltage (V): 120V/240V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60Hz

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Description: 5W LED Waterproof Mosquito Light
Wattage (W): 5W
Dimensions: 23×23×25cm
Material: PC
Plug: 2-Pin Round Plug
Features: Fashionable Design, Light and Durable, Equipped With Big But Low-Noise Drawing Fan to Suck In Insects, No High Voltage or Sparks Produced, Quiet and Safe, Funnel Collection Tray Prevents Insects From Escaping, IPX4, Coverage Area: 20sqm
Package Contents: H05 1.5m 2×0.75 Cable, A4 Size Instruction Manual

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Description: Electronic Insect Killer
Number of LEDs: 4pcs
Color of LEDs: Pink
Type of LEDs: SMD 2835
Wattage (W): 0.5W
Voltage (V): 120V/230V, 900V (Grid)
Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz

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