Terms And Conditions


Prices include delivery by air freight or express courier (UPS, TNT, Fed-x or DHL) for orders <300 kilos & by sea freight for >300 kilos. A $50 handling fee is required for orders under $500.

Chemical Analysis

All shipments will include a certificate of analysis.

Delivery Time

Most orders will be shipped within 4 weeks of receipt of order.

Split Shipments

To be negotiated.

Quantities and Specifications

We reserve the right to ship within ±5% of the quantity ordered. Invoice will reflect exact quantity.

We reserve the right to alter published specifications without notice. We supply materials according to our specification. We make no warranty as to the fitness of the materials for any specific application.

Returned Goods

No goods will be accepted for return without prior permission. There will be a cancellation fee.


Claims for short delivery, wrong shipment, or defective products must be notified to us by e-mail within one week. GlobalTek Int'l LLC liability for any claim shall not exceed the cost of the items delivered or short shipped, Globaltek will have the option of replacing the items free of charge, or crediting the invoiced value.


All quotations are subject to our Standard Conditions of Sale.


All orders are subject to acceptance of the conditions on our Acknowledgement of Order and to our Standard Conditions of Sale. Copies of our Standard Conditions of Sale are available upon request.


We shall not be liable for any loss or damage or injury direct or consequential arising from the use of goods supplied by us however such damage is caused, nor for any delay in delivery.


Contracts between us and the customer shall be deemed to be subject in all respect to US Law (California State) unless otherwise agreed in writing.


For new customers, without an account, payment terms are to be agreed at the time the order is placed.

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